The Chef – Photoshop editing time-lapse


Another quick photoshoot with my Fiance Jade, below are the lighting diagrams and final image.
flash setup diagram


Final Image:

The Chef


Fifa Blasters – Photoshop time-lapse edit

I’ve got a cheeky week off work this week so have some spare time for personal projects, gave myself carpet burn diving around on the floor for this photo, suffering for my work like a true artist 😉 Below is the lighting diagram and the final result. Music kindly supplied by Barricades Rise.

fifa blasters small

 photo fifablasterssetup.jpg

Jade’s Day Off

A pretty straight forward composite this time made up of only two images, below are the lighting diagrams and the final image:

 photo setup2.jpg
 photo setup1.jpg
Jade's Day Off

The Ventriloquist – Photo composite editing time-lapse

It’s been a while since I’ve posted mainly due to the fact the projects I have been working on have a set release date i.e single releases etc. This was a personal project I produced at the weekend.

Here is the final image

The Ventriloquist

Only Shadows – Band Promo Composite Time-Lapse

Local band Only Shadows approached me to produce some new promotional material to coincide with their new single release. This is the second image from the project (the first can be seen here) the editing of this probably came in around 8 hours but you can see it here in 4 odd minutes. For the first time ever I used Gradient Mapping to add artificial light to the image which is a technique I will definitely be exploring more. If you enjoy the music please check out the band via any of the below:
Sound Cloud

Here is the final photo:
only shadows androo stain

‘Free Range Jades’ Editing Time-Lapse

I’ve finally managed to create a time-lapse of one of my photo composites. I created it using InstantShot to take a screen shot every 5 seconds then compiled it all in Adobe Premier, the final section of the video showing all the layers of the composite was created using Adobe After Effects. See if you can spot the two crashes, and the 1001 times I decided ‘meh….. that’ll do’. Music courtesy of Only Shadows, Cheers lads!

Below is the final Photo:

Free Range Jades

Multi-Planing in After Effects

I’ve recently started following the awesome Adrian Sommeling on Facebook, his composites are amazing and best of all he doesn’t mind sharing his technique. What has interested me the most is the style in which he presents his BTS videos, he turns his photos into 3d images showing all of the separate layers (see here). I had seen this done before by Dave Hill but this time I thought “I have got to that a go” so found a couple of tutorials on the web such as this and dived into after effects. Read More…