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I love the ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts I see regularly on the Photo Brigade blog, I find it very interesting to the various kit different styles photographers use. My kit is now pretty much complete, I do have my eye on a couple of extra additions but with a wedding on the horizon I imagine my current gear will stay as it is for quite some time.


7d – This was the first camera I actually bought myself, before this I had (and still have) a Canon 300d passed down to me from my Dad. I did consider getting the 5d mkII but chose this as it seemed to have better reviews for video (something I thought I would do a lot of) and built in wireless flash. Not to mention it was a bit cheaper. I’m glad I did go for this in the end as the built in wirless flash function has really driven the direction of my photography over the last year or so and reignited my passion for photgraphy. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have moved into off camera flash work if it had meant buying triggers etc. I think I will eventually go full frame but for now the 7d is perfect for my needs.

5d Classic – My latest addition to the kit. My Dad bought a 7d and as a result was no longer using his 5d so handed it down to me (I have an awesome Dad). Although it is a few years old now it is still a great camera and it’s nice to have a full frame back up. I imagine my 50mm will stay on this body and I will use it for my upcoming ‘Full Manual’ project.

Canon 17-55mm f2.8 – This is my workhorse and rarely leaves the 7d. I did quite a bit of research when choosing a lens to go with the 7d when I first bought it and I made a great decision choosing this. It is very sharp and the focal length is extremely versatile, I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a crop body as a high quality walk about lens.

Canon 7d and 5d Classic

430ex x2 & 430ex II – These are a big part of my photography these days. I used to be petrified of using flash, opting instead for using my 50mm at f1.8 in natural light. Things changed as soon as I got the flash off my camera and added some 42″ umbrellas to the mix. I rarely take photos now without using at least one of these. I love the older 430ex for their no nonsense switch to easily put them in slave mode, I find the 430ex II button system a bit confusing.

430ex flashes

Canon 50mm f1.8 – The ‘Nifty Fifty’ this was the first lens I owned after the standard kit lens for my 300d. As I started in band photography the wide aperture was essential for the low light nature of the work and this rarely left the body. I don’t use it as much now but it is a great lens, probably the best value for money in the whole canon range, every photographer should have one in their kit. The auto focus is a little slow and I would like to add a better prime to my kit at some point but I will never part with 50mm

Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 – I’ve had a bit of an on/off relationship with this lens. After reading such good things about it before hand I was a bit disappointed with the overall sharpness, especially when compared to my 17-55mm, I recently bought FoCal lens calibration software which determined the lens needed an adjustment of +6 MA which seems to have solved the performance issues. Composition really requires some thought with this sort of focal length and is something I need to work on.tokina 11-16

Flash Umbrella Holders – I have two cheap and cheerful flash and umbrellas holders from amazon that I use all the time and also a Lastolite TriFlash holder which I am yet to use. I bought it after seeing this behind the scenes video of Nick Fancher. Im sure in the near future I will blow the dust off it. In fact the Nick Fancher video is what got me dabbling in the world of off camera flash, I fully recommend watching it as well as this more recent BTS video.flash holders

Lastolite TTL off camera flash extension cord which I am yet to use, opting instead for the built in wirless flash functionality of the 7d.

Stofen Omni-Bounce diffusers x2 these rarely get used and I think they are mainly for on-camera flash work, I would love some input on how you guys use these.

7Day Shop rechargeable batteries 2900mAh cracking batteries these, seem to last forever in my 430ex flashes, even when shooting outside in full powerdiffusers

Modifiers – This are a big part of my work now but despite the infinite amount of money you can spend on modifiers I have had my best reults from some cheap umbrellas, below are the various modifiers I own:

Wescott 43″ Umbrellas x2 –  I love these umbrellas, they are my modifier of choice. They only cost in the region of £20 each and can be used as reflective umbrellas and also as shoot-through by removing the cover, I generally use them as shoot-through but it is great to have the option to change up. If you are dabbling in off camera flash I would highly recommend picking one of these up.

Lastolite Ezybox Speedlite –  I haven’t used this much to date but I know it will be getting a lot of use in the near future, great for its portability.

Wish List

Although my kit pretty much meets all of my needs there is always something that us photographers would like to add to the arsenal. My next purchase will be a set of YN-622c Wireless flash triggers, these will give me a bit more flexability when it comes to flash placement as the canon wireless sytem relies on ‘line of sight’. Also the new Sigma 35mm f1.4 looks to be a great lens, I have fancied a new prime and was considering the Canon 35mm f1.8 L but the Sigma seems to be blowing this out the water at almost half the price ….but with a wedding to pay for I doubt I will be making room for this in my bag anytime soon.

So……. whats in your bag?


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  1. CJCM says :

    Good read. Love to hear people’s thoughts when they choose their equipment. You get great results from your humble equipment.

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