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In My Bag

I love the ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts I see regularly on the Photo Brigade blog, I find it very interesting to the various kit different styles photographers use. My kit is now pretty much complete, I do have my eye on a couple of extra additions but with a wedding on the horizon I imagine my current gear will stay as it is for quite some time.


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Fixing a Canon 430ex Flash – rear buttons not responding

I love my 430ex flashes, these days all my pictures are taken using at least one of these bad boys. I was recently given an additional one by my Dad that seemed to have some problems. When you turned it on, the display would just flash ‘Zoom – -‘ and none of the rear buttons would respond. The generic fix for this problem is usually to check that the diffuser panel is pushed all the way back in but this wasn’t solving my issue. Many a google search later I stumbled across a post that suggested that the zoom head mechanism may be jammed and required a simple push to free it. Although this seemed simple enough the instructions weren’t exactly clear causing me to cause some external damage trying to prise the cover off. I did manage to fix the problem and the flash is now working perfectly so I will outline and illustrate all the steps so that you won’t mess up where I did. Please note that flashes have a capacitor that can zap your ass off so please be very careful, we will not be exposing the capacitor in this tutorial but still… be careful. No one likes a zapped ass. Read More…